Beware the Lake

Hello and welcome back! Continuing with the theme of my “Stephen King in Northumberland” gallery, I present to you Beware the Lake Bag of Bones is one of Stephen Kings’ finer books. Loosely using elements of Daphne du Maurier’s “Rebecca” in it’s plot, it is the story of Mike Noonan, a writer suffering from…… Continue reading Beware the Lake

The Dark Tower falls

Stephen King is without a doubt my favourite author of all time; I’ve read every single book he has written and follow him avidly. I’m the original fanboy of the King of horror and I apologise to nobody for it! You could say I’m his “number 1 fan….” Christ, how many times do you think…… Continue reading The Dark Tower falls

In Paradise with Zorba

Yassou!! I greet you all after a week and a bit having been to the glorious island of Corfu with the wife to be and the kids. My skin is red and peeling, I have an emptier wallet than normal, but I’ve had an excellent time; sunning myself, playing in the pool with the kids,…… Continue reading In Paradise with Zorba

Going back to my roots……

Ah, Monday! The day that everyone complains about! The “I hate Monday because I have to ‘Adult’ on a Monday…” memes come out of the cyber woodwork, the “Is it Friday yet?” posts emblazon Social Networks like they’re going out of fashion. Anyway…… I’m a member of a couple of Facebook groups for Photographers, particularly North-East England Photography groups.…… Continue reading Going back to my roots……

Clouds over Blyth Clouds over Blyth Taken at Blyth beach in Northumberland, showing a bruised looking sky with the Lighthouse in the distance. This was taken using my trusty Neewer 10 stop ND filter. This, and many others are available to purchase at Check out my other galleries and be sure to follow me on Facebook…… Continue reading Clouds over Blyth

The Lady in the Lake

Merry Easter one and all! I live in Cramlington; a small town in the south of Northumberland. It’s an average kind of town; a fairly good ratio of normal people to charvas (Chavs to those of you from anywhere other than the Northeast), it has probably the most roundabouts in the entire country and Sting (yes,…… Continue reading The Lady in the Lake

Rising from the Mist Rising from the Mist A new addition to the Minimalism Gallery on my site, this image was shot at Chemical Beach, Seaham in County Durham. For you Tog geeks out there, the settings I used were: 13mm, ISO 100, f11, 13 seconds, and used a 10 stop ND filter. Available to buy now at…… Continue reading Rising from the Mist